Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Jason's Temple Adventures

Since his endowment, one of the goals Jason set was to attend the temple each week before he leaves.  He and his buddies jump in the car and drive to the temples around our area. To date, Jason has been to eight temples with his family and friends.....

To begin his temple adventures, he flew down to California and stayed a few days with his aunt and uncle and their family.  His cousin John had just returned home from his mission in Argentina and his other cousin Steve was just getting ready to leave for Chile. 

Kirk and Shemay took the boys to the San Diego Temple and they all went through a session.  It was being refinished, so the outside looks a little different.

The Salt Lake Temple was next.  He went with Jace Hansen, who was soon going to Bolivia, and Doug Johnson, going to Guam.
They went to the Joseph Smith movie and went to the top of the Church Office Building.

Three young men ready to be representatives of our Savior, Jesus Christ!

A session at the Bountiful Temple came next.  This is where Jace Hansen received his endowments a few weeks earlier. 

Jace and Jason visited the Twin Falls Temple next.

Jason, McKaid Sheppard, he is going to South Africa, and Jace at the Provo Temple.  They were across from the MTC and all of them were getting so excited to begin their missionary service! 

Jason, Jace and McKaid also attended the Oquirrah Mountain Temple that same day.

Jace, Derrek Evans, he's going to the Dominican Republic,
 and Jason at the Logan Temple.
Derrek received his endowments that day.

Way to go Jason ~ We are proud of you!

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