Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Elder Matson is on temporary assignment in the Utah Salt Lake City Mission until his visa comes through.  It has been pretty tough on him being so close to home and so familiar with the area.  We are hoping maybe a change could be coming...if only the VISA would come!! 

Elder Matson with his Grandpa and Grandma Denkers at the Salt Lake Temple.

At the Energy Solutions Arena....GO JAZZ!!

Elder Matson at his Uncle Brian's grave in West Valley.
His grandparents and aunt walked in Elder Matson's footprints (they were still there) on Brian's Birthday,
January 9, 2011.  Uncle "B" would have been 39. 

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Life at the Missionary Training Center

Elder Matson at the Anxiously Engaged Statue

Elder Matson with his companion Elder Dunlop

Elder Matson ran into one of Jeremy's roommates from BYU-Idaho.
This is Elder Ben Duncan

Elder Dunlop, Elder Harper and Elder Matson

Elder Jace Hansen and Elder Jason Matson
They have been buddies since grade school.

Elder Matson in his Matrix pose.

Someday I am headed to Belo Horizonte Brazil in South America.

Elder Matson with Elders Dunlop and Harper

Elder Matson's Desk

District Name Tags

This is one of Elder Matson's favorite pictures of his name tag.

Another name tag picture....now in the snow!

Elder Matson did not build a snowman, he built a repleca of the Provo Temple.

Elder Matson with his companion Elder Dunlop.
Elder Dunlop received his visa three weeks into the MTC, he was headed to Brazil.

Where did he get that mustache?

Elder Matson with Elder Botello

Elder Matson with Elder Taylor
Elder Taylor is such a great kid!

Elder Matson with Elder Schiss, he is from Pocatello too.

This is it....God Be With You 'Til We Meet Again!

Well the day has finally arrived.  Elder Matson is headed to the Provo MTC because his visa has not come through.  We left Salt Lake about 11 and got to spend time at the Provo Temple.  Jason's cousin John came to say goodbye and also his brother Josh and wife Erin.  We were able to take a few pictures until 12:50 pm.  Elder Matson said his goodbyes and we all piled in the car to drive him up to the curb at the MTC.  There were a ton of missionaries waiting to help the new "greenies" and get them on their way.  One Elder opened Jason's door, asked him where he was from, helped get his bags out of the trunk and one last look from Elder Matson and he was on his way. 

It is never easy to tell your kids goodbye, but dropping them off at the curb was so much easier than going into the MTC ("Mother's Torture Chamber") and saying goodbye there.  We were able to say goodbye and cry a little and no one else was around.  He was so excited and we are so very proud of him.  The only thing that I missed was being able to put that name tag on his suit coat over his heart.

Elder Matson with cousin John
The Brother Club

Elder Matson with Josh and Erin

The Boys
Cousin John, Jeremy, Elder Matson, Josh and Dad
One last family photo!

1 Day Down....729 to Go

Elder Matson places the first sticker on our Called To Serve countdown! 
Look at all those circles!!
Grandma and Grandpa are keeping track too.
Elder Matson coloring in the first day!

A Father's Blessing

Well the time finally arrived.  Time for one last Father's Blessing before we head to Provo.  Mark gave Jason a beautiful heart-felt blessing.  I am so thankful that I don't have to do that!  Mark said that he was glad this was the last one that he had to do for a son leaving to serve a mission.  He wasn't sure he could do that again.

Elder Matson and Dad before the blessing.
The picture says it all!
We love you son!!

One More Temple Trip....

Jason wanted to get one last temple session in before he left.  He went with his mom and dad and Grandpa and Grandpa Denkers.  We had a mixup and Aunt Nancy and Uncle Vance were in the session behind us.  We went to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple, the first for mom and dad.  It was a very beautiful and peaceful place!  A storm was coming in over the horizon and the skies were very black.  By morning, it dumped about four inches of snow in Salt Lake.

We love our missionary!
Elder Matson with Grandpa and Grandma Denkers

Here come the storm clouds!

Can We Pack It All?

Jason's suitcases were full!  We were overweight, but we have the blessing of having a big brother work at the MTC to bring what he decides he doesn't want keep.  He was supposed to go to Brazil not Provo...now he needs a hat, gloves and coat.

Shall I sit on it? 

The Setting Apart

Elder Matson was set apart on Monday, October 25, 2010 by President Troy J Dye. President Reece, Dad, Grandpa and Jeremy stood in the circle.  A hard day for mom and dad knowing their baby was now an official missionary, but so thankful at the same time.  President Dye told Jason that "he can do hard things."  It is a lesson for each of us as well.
Elder Matson with President Dye and President Reece

Jason with Bishop Shane Blanchard and Stake President Troy Dye

Elder Matson with mom and dad and brother Jeremy

Elder Matson with Grandpa Matson

Elder Matson with six-week-old Aubrey Jennifer Dye
We'll see how big she is when he gets home!

Elder Matson with Mama and Papa Rhoades and Morgan

Elder Matson with buddy Dallin Mower

Elder Matson with Aunt Debbie and Uncle Richard and cousin Katie

Elder Matson with Karami, Aubrey and Jennifer Dye

Elder Matson with Uncle Scott, Aunt Brenda,
Devin, Tanner and recently released Elder Matthew Matson

Elder Matson and Uncle Steve, Aunt Jenn and cousin Connor

Elder Matson with Bishop and Sister Jenilee Blanchard

Elder Matson and Geoffrey Dye

Elder Matson with President and Sister Joy Reece

Elder Matson and cousin Spencer

Saying Goodbye...

Jason was able to say goodbye to many friends and family.  He loves you all!

Jason and Nate Stradinger
They went to grade school together.

Jason with Lacey Pearson and Joshua Pollard...
like brothers and sister!

Jason with his second parents Shawna and Nord Pearson
(actually Nord is Jason's mom's second cousin)

Jason and the Pearsons

Jason with the Parker Family
Robert, Kelsey, Cindy, Allie, Dallan and Carly

Jason and Kelsey Parker

Jason with Norman Reece and Morgan Rhoades
(soon-to-be Morgan Reece, she wouldn't wait for Jason)

Jason with Kelsey Riley and girls London and Jenna

Jason with his big brother and some of their cousins....
Matthew, Abbie, Spencer, Tanner, Devin, Tyler, Connor, Jeremy and Ryan

Jason with his Uncle Scott and Aunt Brenda
and their kids, Matthew, Ryan, Devin and Tanner

Jason with Uncle Steve and Aunt Jenn
and their kids Spencer, Connor, Abbie and Tyler

Jason with the Pollard Family (some of them)
Dave, Joshua, Joseph and Keva

Jason and basketball buddy Zac Korrell

Jason with another buddy Kody Powell

The Two Amigos!
Jason and Joshua Pollard

Jason with Paul Muzzo

Jason and Brenna Hamilton
(Jason was set apart by this time so that is why he looks so stiff)

See you in two years Elder Matson!
Kody, Joshua, Paul, Brenna and Zac
Elder Matson with Aunt Nancy and Uncle Vance
and cousins Austin and Tanner.

His only two cousins on his mom's side
Austin and Tanner
One last uncle to have a picture taken with...
Uncle Brian

Uncle Brian will be watching over him from the other side of the veil.
He will be always be in a three-some during this mission.