Sunday, December 5, 2010

This is it....God Be With You 'Til We Meet Again!

Well the day has finally arrived.  Elder Matson is headed to the Provo MTC because his visa has not come through.  We left Salt Lake about 11 and got to spend time at the Provo Temple.  Jason's cousin John came to say goodbye and also his brother Josh and wife Erin.  We were able to take a few pictures until 12:50 pm.  Elder Matson said his goodbyes and we all piled in the car to drive him up to the curb at the MTC.  There were a ton of missionaries waiting to help the new "greenies" and get them on their way.  One Elder opened Jason's door, asked him where he was from, helped get his bags out of the trunk and one last look from Elder Matson and he was on his way. 

It is never easy to tell your kids goodbye, but dropping them off at the curb was so much easier than going into the MTC ("Mother's Torture Chamber") and saying goodbye there.  We were able to say goodbye and cry a little and no one else was around.  He was so excited and we are so very proud of him.  The only thing that I missed was being able to put that name tag on his suit coat over his heart.

Elder Matson with cousin John
The Brother Club

Elder Matson with Josh and Erin

The Boys
Cousin John, Jeremy, Elder Matson, Josh and Dad
One last family photo!

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