Sunday, December 5, 2010

Saying Goodbye...

Jason was able to say goodbye to many friends and family.  He loves you all!

Jason and Nate Stradinger
They went to grade school together.

Jason with Lacey Pearson and Joshua Pollard...
like brothers and sister!

Jason with his second parents Shawna and Nord Pearson
(actually Nord is Jason's mom's second cousin)

Jason and the Pearsons

Jason with the Parker Family
Robert, Kelsey, Cindy, Allie, Dallan and Carly

Jason and Kelsey Parker

Jason with Norman Reece and Morgan Rhoades
(soon-to-be Morgan Reece, she wouldn't wait for Jason)

Jason with Kelsey Riley and girls London and Jenna

Jason with his big brother and some of their cousins....
Matthew, Abbie, Spencer, Tanner, Devin, Tyler, Connor, Jeremy and Ryan

Jason with his Uncle Scott and Aunt Brenda
and their kids, Matthew, Ryan, Devin and Tanner

Jason with Uncle Steve and Aunt Jenn
and their kids Spencer, Connor, Abbie and Tyler

Jason with the Pollard Family (some of them)
Dave, Joshua, Joseph and Keva

Jason and basketball buddy Zac Korrell

Jason with another buddy Kody Powell

The Two Amigos!
Jason and Joshua Pollard

Jason with Paul Muzzo

Jason and Brenna Hamilton
(Jason was set apart by this time so that is why he looks so stiff)

See you in two years Elder Matson!
Kody, Joshua, Paul, Brenna and Zac
Elder Matson with Aunt Nancy and Uncle Vance
and cousins Austin and Tanner.

His only two cousins on his mom's side
Austin and Tanner
One last uncle to have a picture taken with...
Uncle Brian

Uncle Brian will be watching over him from the other side of the veil.
He will be always be in a three-some during this mission.

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