Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Elder Matson is on temporary assignment in the Utah Salt Lake City Mission until his visa comes through.  It has been pretty tough on him being so close to home and so familiar with the area.  We are hoping maybe a change could be coming...if only the VISA would come!! 

Elder Matson with his Grandpa and Grandma Denkers at the Salt Lake Temple.

At the Energy Solutions Arena....GO JAZZ!!

Elder Matson at his Uncle Brian's grave in West Valley.
His grandparents and aunt walked in Elder Matson's footprints (they were still there) on Brian's Birthday,
January 9, 2011.  Uncle "B" would have been 39. 

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  1. Elder Matson is a great missionary he is really doing a great job here,in Brazil.
    He is very funny and he's helping people to find God and to live the truth!
    Everybody here says that he's the best missionary in the world.
    In his birthday we made a little party to him,he really liked.

    well,time is short and he already left us,he is in Lavras now,a city near to Tres Coracoes,where I'm from,and where he was for 45 days.

    Ok,So long :D

    See ya.